My Hair care routine

8 Aug 2014

  Hello everyone! recently I haven't been sticking to my hair care routine and I have noticed that the ends of my hair were becoming pretty dry again. This usually happens when I haven't had a trim, but a trim isn't the only solution to getting the ends of your hair silky and smooth. However, it is a good idea to have a regular trim every now and again because that's the best way to grow your hair.

I have started using the Garnier ultimate blends 'The silky smoother', which is for long hair and I find it works pretty well with my hair type. I previously use the 'sleek restorer' but found this made my hair greasy very quickly. I then use the vo5 'gloss me smoothly' conditioner, I know ew I don't use matching shampoo and conditioner, but its a great product and I just apply this to the end of my hair to avoid dry split ends. I tend to not put conditioner on my roots because I find it makes my hair greasier quicker.

I never used to use my tangle teaser on dry hair, but now I use it all the time, on dry and wet hair. It doesn't tug your hair at all and it defiantly tames the tangles nicely, even with wet hair.

When my hair is still wet I apply the l'oreal extraordinary oil on the ends of my hair and I find that this is the product that keeps my split ends tamed, smooth and soft. Its £10, which is pretty good for a hair oil, considering the Moroccan oil is £30 per bottle. Its a great drugstore alternative.

Before I go to bed I usually plait it so when I wake up in the morning its wavey. I usually wait for it to dry a little before i plait it but sometimes i just do it as soon as i get out the shower, but I find that the best outcome is when its slightly dry.

If you would like to have a look at a previous hair post on my blog click here, for some tips on keeping your hair looking as healthy as possible!


  1. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous Cristy! I adore your hair colour! :)

    Rebecca | Blog

  2. Lovely post and photos! I really want a tangle teaser !!
    I love your blog and follow on bloglovin! :-)

  3. gorgeous blog, I love the layout :)! Your hair is lovely too, perfect beachy, summer waves :) : Student Box Swap


  4. I love your hair! I enjoy using this tehnique! <3


    1. thankyou, I know its super easy xx

  5. Your blog layout looks beautiful, Cristy!

    Lauren x

  6. the tangle teezer is a life saver. i just can't live without it.

  7. What lovely hair you have! Great post!


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