Organising my wardrobe Vlog

13 Nov 2017

Hello everyone, today I filmed a vlog style video (which is my first ever vlog) of de cluttering and sorting out my bedroom!! My mum and dad very kindly painted my bedroom for me as it was in need of a little refresh, so I thought I would share it with you guys!! I do apologise if the camera angles are little off as my hands began to get a little tired from holding the camera haha!! 

watch the video here 


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I hope you enjoyed this blog/vlog!! see you next time xxxx

My Winter wardrobe Essentials 2017

7 Nov 2017

Hello everyone, so today I shared a Winter wardrobe essentials video over on my youtube channel where I talk about all things wintery in my wardrobe. I really hope you enjoyed this style of video and I would love to do more in the future! 

As I mentioned in the video, a lot of the pieces are nearly 2 years old but there are still loads of similar pieces on the high street at the moment.

Watch the video here....


What are your staple winter pieces? xxx